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PART I Life after High School

            Should You Go to College?  

            Mapping Your Career Path

Matching Personality Traits and Talents to Career  

Matching Strengths and Interests to Career

Hourly vs. Salary Mentality

Salary, Wages, Compensation, and Your Major and Your College

Summer Jobs 

Part II Getting and Keeping a Job


            Do the Right Thing

            Digital Manners

Sex, Religion, and Politics

Do You Need a Mentor?

Constructive Criticism


MPG – Manage Your Professional Growth

PART III Moving Up

            Make Learning a Lifelong Journey

           “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Attitude, Personality, and Capacity to Learn  

Trade Up to Bigger Problems

Two Heads Are Better Than One  

When Something Goes Wrong

Don’t Be an Enabler

Impostor Syndrome  

Taking a Leadership Role  

Coworkers No More

Navigating Corporate America I

Navigating Corporate America II

PART IV Changing Jobs

            Leaving a Job

            When Career Plans Are Derailed

Navigating Corporate America III 

PART V Important General Concepts

Dos and Don’ts

Things That Matter

Three Things to Know as You Grow

Online Meeting and Collaborating Etiquette

Dining Etiquette

We Are a Work in Progress 

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