About Me

As a CPA with an MBA I have worked with and consulted for both large and medium-sized companies throughout what I consider a successful career. 

I received my BS degree in Finance from the University of Richmond and an MBA from SMU.  My career has spanned 40+ years and, I have worked for many successful companies including JCPenney, Sally’s Beauty, the Zale Corporation, Neiman Marcus, Tony Roma and Texas Land and Cattle. I have observed as each of these companies had their day in the sun when revenue and profits rocketed and then watched as several crashed and burned or are even now on their way down.  

Why? The cause for the most part lies in one of two things: taking on too much debt or not staying relevant to their customers. Or, in some cases a little of both. 

From each I learned many things, workplace secrets if you will, that have helped me achieve what I consider to be a successful career. It is my hope that the advice in this book will help others whether just entering the workplace or already there avoid some of these pitfalls. The workplace secrets to a successful career shouldn’t be secret. You will find them in Workplace Secrets Revealed. 

These days, when not working or writing,  you can usually find me sailing my boat, Dock Holiday, on Lake Texoma (the air conditioner only works at the dock).  Or working with the North Texas Wooden Boat Association restoring classic wooden boats..

Alan making friends