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For anyone preparing for the World of Work, skip the school of hard knocks and get 40+ years of experience from those who have been there!

Why spend years struggling to learn the “ins and outs” of the workplace when you can benefit from the experience of seasoned managers and executives? This book reveals lessons from successful business people and their advice for those just entering the work world as well as those already there. 

"Too soon we're old. Too late we're smart."

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Very impressive! It made me think about some of the things I did in my career.  Some I had done consciously.  Most I had done unconsciously. Some I missed doing entirely and it cost me dearly!

For a young person, this book is a helpful guide to understand the right path. For an old man, it’s a clarification and an analysis of your business path through life.

Chuck Lawson – Owner Lawson Leather Company

 I just finished this book, and I truly think it’s a mini-masterpiece!!  I think it should be required reading for EVERY young person.  It would make their lives so much easier and more understandable.  It’s full of important information and written in a conversational, friendly tone. I wish I had had this to read when I was young!

Sally Fallis – Medical Pathology Dept. – Retired


Alan L. Oppenheimer

About Alan

Alan L Oppenheimer, CPA MBA has worked with both large and medium-sized companies throughout his career as a CPA and Business Consultant.  He is experienced in mergers and acquisitions as well as bankruptcy, loans, forecasting, and year-end audit preparation. In his 40+ years of professional tenure, he has experienced a variety of management styles and business situations.  His experiences and those of the other professionals provide invaluable insight to anyone entering the business world. 

Great gift for your children or grandchildren !